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About Our Company



We are a North American based, Lighting Design and Specification Sales Company whose expertise is LED based lighting systems for commercial business.


Our business model enables manufactures of LED lighting systems to simply sell more fixtures with lower overhead operating costs to Fortune 1000 based companies, commercial property owners and small to large businesses. 


We specify energy efficient LED based lighting solutions that deliver the promise of long-service life and exponential payback over time. We design an enhanced visual environment that extends well beyond the lighting payback period.


New Beginnings in Energy Efficient LED Lighting for Your Commercial Business





We specify an application specific lighting product better suited for the tasks performed in your lighting environment.

We deliver highly reliable, long-service life LED fixtures with the assurance of no maintenance.  

We create a vibrant visual perceptual experience that extends well beyond the light itself.


"Our lighting systems provide maximum energy savings and a rock-solid return on your investment."


LED Lighting Systems for Commercial Business
Up to 75% Energy Savings
No Maintenance
Long-Service Life Up to 289,000 hours
Eligible for Rebates
No UV or IR Light Emission
Professional Lighting Design Services
Excellent Return-on-Investment & Positive Cash Flow
Turn-Key Installation
5 Year Warranty both Parts and Labor on most products